Art Class For Children Age 13-16 in Chiang Mai (สอนวาดรูป วาดรูปเชียงใหม่ อายุ 13-16 ปี)

The Art for Kids classroom encourages children ages 8-12 to study art with friends at their age. We have designed the classes to help promote a variety of interests. The children can present their ideas and use their imagination and creativity. The children practice logical thinking and be observant to develop their thinking skills.


Learning goals. 

  • The children can control the mood of their drawing by using lines and color.
  •  The children can present ideas through art.
  • They have fun and take pride in creating your own artwork.
  • They develop the aptitudes in a more complete and organized system.
  • The children are more confident to share their knowledge with others.
  • Learning art with the group to socialize