• Drawing and painting help the children to focus and improve concentration ability.
  • When working as a group, the children learn to share and exercise their patience while waiting to complete their artwork.
  • Drawing and painting enhance learning skills and encourage children to use their time effectively.

With over ten years of teaching experience, Art for Kids focuses on the happiness of the learners. Students have fun during the class and can use their free time effectively.

What do we teach in Art classes for kids 5-7 years old

  1. Practice to focus by drawing and coloring simple pictures.
  2. Practice patience and work step by step with crafting, sculpting, cutting, and pasting according to the project assigned.
  3. Enhance imagination and creativities.
  4. Practice social skills while learning art with other children.
  1. Saturday or Sunday 10.00-12.00
  2. Saturday or Sunday 13.00-15.00
  3. Private class. Please inquire to check the availability.