ART CLASS FOR AGE 8-12 in Chiang Mai (สอนวาดรูป วาดรูปการ์ตูน อายุ 8-12 ปี)

The Art for Kids classroom encourages children ages 8-12 to study art with friends at their age. We have designed the classes to help promote a variety of interests. The children will learn more about art techniques to upskill their drawing and painting. They will improve their social skills, dare to think, and start doing new things. Moreover, our classes help the children find their passions, better understand themselves, and can explain their aptitudes and be able to better understand and explain their own aptitudes.


Learning goals

  • The children enjoy their time drawing and painting.
  •  The children can express their ideas and present them properly.
  • The children are having fun.
  • They exercise their abilities to focus and practice their patience. They can develop their aptitude.   
  • The children can share their knowledge with others.
  • Learning art with the group to socialize with friends of the same age.