ART CLASS FOR CHILDREN AGE 4-7 in Chiang Mai ( ศิลปะสำหรับเด็กอายุ 5-7 ปี)

Drawing and painting help children practice using their imagination freely, resulting in being brave to think outside the box and daring to start new things. Children who study art will be observant and able to analyze, understand, and express their ideas.


Learning goals.

The Art for Kids classroom encourages children ages 5-7 to study art with friends at their age. Besides learning the basics of art, the children will exercise their social skills, being together in the class, being patient, and taking turns expressing their opinions. The children will practice using their creativity and imagination. This process will result in children being brave enough to think, dare to start new things, and be observant and analytical. They will learn to understand and explain things articulately.

  • The children enjoy their time drawing and painting.
  • The children can express their ideas and present them properly according to their age.
  • The children are having fun.
  • They can cut, paste, and making sculpture.
  • They exercise their abilities to focus and practice their patience.   
  • They can express their ideas accordingly.